About me

Hannah up amongst the high peaks of the Bernese OberlandEver since I started going out climbing and skiing, back home in the Highlands of Scotland, I’ve been amazed at how much I enjoy being out in such wild and seemingly hostile environments. It’s always a complete adventure getting to the top of a mountain or cliff to do a great climb or to find a great slope to ski back down again!

To experience adventure perhaps there does need to be a step into the unknown, where there is the confidence to try something that’s new, or that there is something you’ve been thinking about for ages but were not quite sure how to try it…

When aspiring to climb or ski in high alpine mountain environments, in summer and in winter, a whole variety of weather and conditions can be experienced. Hiring an IFMGA Mountain Guide to lead you through your chosen mountain activity takes away the worry of what to do and where to go.

A guide provides the best consideration towards safety and enjoyment in these wild mountain environments. We can’t promise perfect weather or remove the necessity of effort on your part! But a guide will make the most of the prevailing conditions to give you a great holiday and mountain experience.


Going into the mountains and being amongst rocky, steep places has always played a big part of my life. Three of my favourite places are: the seacliffs of Gogarth on Holyhead Island, North Wales; wild weather when doing a winter climb in Scotland and skiing down a steep slope where the gradient and the situation feel just amazing!

Enjoying the sun and situation at Castell Helen, Gogarth

Somewhere snowy in the CairngormsWith friends on top of Hell’s Lum crag, northern Cairngorms


 During the past 25 years I have climbed, skied and worked in the mountains both of the UK and of further afield. I share my time between the Chamonix valley and the Scottish Highlands, both which offer a diverse range of mountain activities in the summer and in winter.

Naturally, in Chamonix there are stunning mountains on the doorstep and there is easy access to the mountains of western and central Switzerland, the Aoste Valley of Italy and further into the Haute Savoie and Savoie regions of France. In the UK, I travel all over the country from Skye to the Cairngorms, and from North Wales to the Peak Distict and to Northumberland.  

Couloir skiing on the Bel Oiseau, western Switzerland