A Passion for Mountains


A Passion for Mountains 

This book presents a compilation of stories written by members of the British Mountain Guides. It documents both personal climbing and mountaineering adventures as well as those shared with clients. The stories represent the diversity of the mountain activities these professionals thrive on. First ascents on British winter cliffs and thought-provoking ascents of north faces in the European Alps. Big-wall climbing in Yosemite and Patagonia and endurance ascents when facing the challenges of the high Himalaya.

This fascinating account of mountaineering gives an insight into the climbing adventures that contribute to every Guide’s experience and it explores the difficulties that even some of the world’s most experienced mountaineers encounter when making decisions in the mountains. It gives us a unique perspective into what motivates and drives climbers; where they find fulfilment and reward and at the same time how they deal with failure.

Amongst the contributors to this book are a number of authors of note, including John Barry, Martin Moran and Boardman Tasker Award-winner Victor Saunders. Many more have contributed articles to climbing and outdoor magazines.

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